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Classroom Gifts for Pupils


At a discounted price of 30p each, these full colour, glossy encouragement poem bookmarks are the perfect classroom gift to encourage and inspire your pupils to believe in themselves and to reach to achieve their potential.


Use the coupon code BULKBUY at the checkout to reduce the price from 50p to just 30p each when you  spend £15.  The discount applies to all postcards too, and postage is free in the UK if you spend over £30.

 Click on the image of the bookmark that you would like to view, to see it in more detail.

Picturing The Seasons set of posters

flower poems category

Create a Poetic Environment from just £2.50


My ‘Picturing the Seasons’ collection of poems, and my flower poems are purpose written to demonstrate personification poetry, and are a great way to combine the imagery of art and figurative language.

Buy illustrated season or flower poem for just £2.50 and make multiple prints  


and get the summary ‘Naming the Seasons’ poem FREE!  

The whole series is a beautiful interpretation of the imagery described and is illustrated with superb attention to detail by Sam Vardy, a keen gardener, so every flower is accurate to it’s own season.

Create a poetic environment around school, changing the poems as the seasons change.

CARE:  For personal or educational use only: copyright does not allow multiple prints for resale.

NB.   The seasons poems are available with two options:

  1. Without margins; for printers that can print to the very edge of the paper
  2. With a 3mm margin; for printers which cannot print to the edge of the paper.


School Nativity Play Scripts

I also write entire nativity scripts in rhyme and rhythm which are perfect for primary schools  The scripts:


DONKEYS CHRISTMAS PLAY are adaptable to use for any size cast. 


 are carried by narration 


 include around 25 small speaking parts (options included to split lines for larger casts, or re-allocate to narrator for smaller casts)


  and are flexible enough for those last minute cast changes.


 Some include optional songs with simple lyrics written to familiar children’s tunes, with FREE music backing tracks included.


BEST OF ALL, the scripts are

and include a pdf document of the script,
sheet music and lyrics,
plus free music backing tracks,

PLUS my FREE  trademark, purpose written ‘Roll Call poem’ which allows every cast member to say their line and take a bow.  
I also include a BONUS POEM to round off your play, summing up the message.
Finally, for just £2 extra you can upgrade to receive a fully customisable word document of the script which can be personalised and adapted to suit your own cast and requirements.


If you would like to see more details, or purchase any of these scripts, please click here to go to my sister site