Pastoral Cards and bookmarks



Your pastoral ministry can be precious without being expensive:


Individually priced at just 50p each, these glossy, double sided bookmarks and postcard style cards are
discounted further to 30p when you spend just £15 and use the BULKBUY code at the checkout.


The words are powerfully uplifting and encouraging in all sorts of situations, and our church pastoral team regularly share beautiful stories of how these simple words have had a profound effect on people that they visit.


A NOTE TO MINISTERS TOO: These cards have a small blank space on the reverse for you to leave a short message and/or sign them, making them ideal to post through the letterbox if someone is out when you call to see them: a great way to pass on some appropriate biblical words of encouragement despite being unable to visit in person.  Many of the cards and bookmarks also have appropriate bible verses on the reverse.


Most of the cards are also available with matching illustrated envelopes, but I make them available without to keep your costs to a minimum.