Gift ideas

If you are looking for a small gift for the ladies at the Mothering Sunday Church service, several of my bookmarks are ideal.  Or maybe you are  a teacher looking to encourage your pupils with some inspirational words with an end of term bookmark as a gift.  Maybe you’d like an original Christening or Wedding gift, or simply need a unique gift with a special significance for someone who loves a particular flower or season…..

Whatever you need, click on the appropriate occasion to see my suggestion (s):

Mothering Sunday Service gifts and resources   (Bookmarks 30p each when buying 30 or more: use coupon code BULKBUY)

End of term classroom gifts for pupils                   (As above)

Flower and season poem canvases                         (As above)

Christening or wedding gift canvas                        (A beautifully illustrated encouragement poem on a canvas for £20)