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The Good, The Mad and The Ugly : A Collection of Angela’s Poems for £5.99

The Good, the Mad and The UglyMy collection of poems is exactly what the book title suggests:

The Good :   Uplifting poems to brighten up your day and highlight the good things in life
The Mad  :    The zany poems dreamt up by my childish imagination
The Ugly  :    Poems full of childish toilet humour


 If you enjoy my website, you will love the book!  Click here or on the picture for more details.


Full of a variety of inspiring poems, ranging from shape poems, to alphabet poems, and even the occasional free verse, there is something for everyone.
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An illustrated print of a Flower or Season poem (£2.50 to download and print at home or £5 for a print)

Choose from a range of my  flower and season poems to buy and frame yourself;  beautifully illustrated  poster prints for £5, or  download the documents for just £2.50 to print as many times as you like.  These make thoughtful and personal gifts: choose a favourite flower or a birthday season, for example.




Something extra special : A Canvas

The same choice of illustrated flower and season poems is available as a canvas for £20. The ‘Picturing the Seasons’ Collection includes an illustrated canvas of all four seasons for £80, and a free canvas of ‘Naming the Seasons’ if you buy as a set.