Church Use



Pastoral cards

Whilst these are available with beautiful matching envelopes, they can also be bought without envelopes to keep the cost down to 50p each.    Better still, they are discounted to 30p each when you spend £15 or more and apply the coupon code BULKBUY, and with free shipping when you spend £30 or more.






Encouragement / Mothering Sunday bookmarks

Beautifully illustrated in colour, these large, glossy, two-sided bookmarks each have a purpose written poem to encourage and uplift, and cost just 50p each, discounted to 30p each as per above offer.  Most quote a supporting bible verse, making them perfect for use in your pastoral ministry, and several are great as a small gift for the ladies in church on Mothering Sunday.


Our Safe Place



Downloadable illustrated poem for a wedding couple or a christening

This poem entitled “Our Safe Place” encourages honesty and openness where…..
nothing is too sacred, and nothing will appal, for we are in our refuge and love will conquer all“.
It is available as a downloadable document for just £2.50, entitling you to print it as a gift for every couple and every parent.
(Please do not resell or use for commercial gain)




Prayer Rock reverse

Prayer Rock front

Holiday club /Mothering Sunday gift idea :

Prayer rock

At 50p each, discounted to 30p using code BULKBUY when you spend £15 or more, this makes a great inexpensive gift for every child at your holiday club, or for the ladies on Mothering Sunday.

 Provide with it a pebble, in a small organza pouch (available inexpensively on ebay etc) and it will be a beautiful lasting reminder.



Church Nativity Scripts

Whether you have a small cast, or a mixed age group, or even a cast of teenagers  who don’t want to look childish doing the usual nativity play, I have a choice of scripts for you as I have written them all for use in my own church in our changing circumstances.  I even have aDIY Nativity Play for the congregation to join in with!  My scripts:


DONKEYS CHRISTMAS PLAY tell the bible based nativity story with gentle humour and


are adaptable to any size cast;


 are carried by narration;


 are flexible enough for those dreaded last minute cast changes;


 and include around 25 small speaking parts  with suggestions to split lines for larger casts, or re-allocate to narrator for smaller casts,


   Some include optional songs with simple lyrics written to familiar children’s tunes, with FREE music backing tracks included, although  our church tends to use carols with the scripts for the congregation to join in with.


the scripts are
and include a pdf document of the script,
sheet music and lyrics,
plus free music backing tracks,

PLUS my FREE  trademark, purpose written ‘Roll Call poem’ which allows every cast member to say their line and take a bow.  
I also include a BONUS POEM to round off your nativity service and sum up the Christian message of the play.

Finally, for just £2 extra you can upgrade to receive a fully customisable word document of the script which you can personalise and adapt to suit your own cast and requirements.

nb. The plays which do not include music (ie, you can simply use your own past favourites, or use carols for the congregation to join in etc) include the word document as standard, without the cost of the upgrade)

If you would like to see more details, or purchase any of these scripts, please click here to go to my sister site