Autumn : The Prince of Change

Autumn: The Prince of Change (Downloadable Full Page A4 Print without margins)


One of five standalone poems in the “Picturing the Seasons” collection (buy all 5 for £10).  These also make fantastic personification poems for children, with superb imagery, and would create an inspiring poetic environment in a classroom (the copyright agreement allows you to make multiple copies from the downloadable document)



If not, I have resized this document tinclude a 3mm white border as an alternative with a 3mm border (click here for this option)


Product Description

This is one of five poems in the “Picturing The Seasons” Collection, all beautifully illustrated by Sam Vardy, which can be purchased individually for £2.50 each or as a set of five for the discounted price of £10.  On receipt of the document, I recommend using a good quality printer and printing the poster off on high quality card or photographic paper (a nice sheen enhances the colours beautifully), or even having the document made into a canvas; they really look lovely this way.

Feel free to print off multiple copies for use in a non-commercial way, and please, please use them in classrooms……that’s the main reason why I keep my prices so low! PLEASE DO NOT RESELL.

The “Picturing the Seasons” collection of poems visualises each season as a person.  As such I perceive Autumn as The Prince of Change…..


Autumn is here; the Prince canters by,
His red chestnut stallion on show.
His golden locks trail on the cool gentle breeze
As he waves, with his bronzed arms aglow.


Farewell to the birds, who fly in formation,
Migrating in search of a warmer nation.

….and so the poem continues.  To read the entire poem hover over the image above and click on the magnifying class to enlarge it, then again on the arrows in the top right hand corner to enlarge it fully.

CARE:  Please note that this document is designed to print to the very edge of the paper.  If your printer is not capable of this, I have resized an alternative with a 3mm border (click here) or a final option is to buy the actual printed poster itself which I can post to you (click here)


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