Our Safe Place (A4 printed poster)


A beautifully poetic sentiment encouraging honesty and openness.  A perfect Christening or wedding present, and a lovely concept to establish within schools. (See downloadable option for a cheaper alternative allowing multiple copies)


Product Description

These gentle poetic sentiments are complimented by the photograph of a child holding a young seedling, with an adult’s support.  The poem was inspired by a request from Chaska Daye for a poem for her to use with her daughter in their ‘safe place’ where they can both express their feelings, good and bad, without fear.  It’s a beautiful idea and I hope that others will use it too to encourage a feeling of safety, openness and honesty.  Truthfully, as adults, we too can often find it difficult to know how or when to broach a conversation or to share our feelings, and maybe an official ‘Safe Place’ could help?

The poem begins…….

Welcome to our safe place:
A place that’s truly blessed.
It’s where our pain and worries
Can all be laid to rest.

A place where we are honest
Without the guilt and shame
For this is where we’re open to
Each other without blame.

It continues in the same conversational way for four verses.  To read the entire poem hover over the image above and click on the magnifying class to enlarge it, then again on the arrows in the top right hand corner to enlarge it fully.


This print looks beautiful as a framed picture (choose an appropriate A4 certificate frame) , and would make a lovely treat for yourself, or a gift for friends and family.  It would be particularly appropriate for a Christening, or wedding present.

If you would like to keep cost down even more, this poem is also available for just £2.50 as a downloadable document to print off yourself (the images are fantastic quality, but only as good as the printer!)  Click here for the downloadable option.


This poem would be useful within school to encourage openness and honesty in the school’s own Safe Place, and may be particularly useful where children have special needs.  As an alternative I have also provided this design as a downloadable document for £2.50  which can be printed on any good printer (the image is excellent quality, but will only be as good as the printer!)   Multiple copies are allowable via the downloadable option, BUT NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE.  If you would be more interested in the downloadable option, click here (the image is good enough quality to print as an A3 poster if you have access to a printer capable of it)

Additional Information

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 297 x 210 mm


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