What Makes A Winner?

What Makes a Winner?


An uplifting encouragement poem making a particularly good gift for children…..maybe an end of year encouragement from teacher?

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Product Description

This inspirational poem would make a lovely gesture of encouragement to anyone, but is especially ideal as an end of year classroom gift for the children.

The poem begins….

I wonder what makes a professional?
Where does a professional start?
Could the answer be all in the practice,
Or maybe it’s all in the heart?

Is it purely about having talent,
Or does attitude matter most?
Can I win by being determined,
Or practise my way to the post?

It continues in the conversational way until it concludes…

In short, to end up a winner
You start out in life like the rest,
Then unceasingly apply talent
And with self belief, aim to be best.

That way, if you don’t achieve glory
Regardless of how hard you try,
You’ll always be proud of your efforts
And know you can hold your head high.

To read the poem, hover the mouse over the image and click on the magnifying glass to enlarge it, then click on the arrows in the top right hand corner to enlarge it further.


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This poem is included in “The Good” chapter of my book of poems  “The Good, The Mad and The Ugly” which children and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy.  Click here to see my book.



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