Printed Flower poems posters

For £5 each, my flower poems are a ongoing series of imagery poems which I add to as I am inspired, in which the flowers are given characters and human qualities (making them particularly good as personification poems for children to use in class). They are often inspired by conversations with the artist, Sam Vardy, who is a keen gardening enthusiast with a love of nature in general and a fantastic eye for detail. This makes her paintings accurate as well as beautiful.

Frame these as lovely gifts, particularly special if the flower is a personal favourite.

If you have a personal, non-commercial/educational use for multiple copies of them, in a classroom for example, and access to a good quality, colour printer, I would recommend that you purchase from the downloadable products in my shop instead, as multiple copies can them be printed off from one purchase, making it much cheaper at £2.50 per document.

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